Hotel dengan Kolam Renang Terindah

For me, the hot, sweaty days of summer have always been synonymous with the smell of chlorine. Rising temperatures force me to flock to a community or backyard pool to seek a little relief from the sun. Unfortunately, these swimming spots can get a bit stale, not to mention overcrowded. But a few hotels and resorts have designed the most innovative, incredible swimming pools in the world to give swimmers and sunbathers a welcome respite from the usual chlorine chaos. From relaxing to adventurous (swimming next to sharks?), these pools are anything but ordinary. 
Intercontinental Hotel: Hong Kong

Burj Al Arab: Dubai

Golden Nugget Las Vegas
That's a 200,000 gallon shark tank in the middle.

Crown Towers Hotel: Taipa Island Macau

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Hotel Las Vegas
This suite takes up the entire 52nd floor. The pool cantilevers off the edge of the tower.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile


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